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Services For Independence

The CAPABLE Program

The CAPABLE program helps older adults function safely in their homes.

Teams, comprised of an Occupational Therapist(OT), a Registered Nurse(RN) and a Handy-person, help older adults identify their own self-care goals which can decrease hospitalization and healthcare costs.

The CAPABLE program involves up to:

  • 6 visits with an Occupational Therapist
  • 4 visits with a Registered Nurse
  • Minor home repairs/modifications and/or assistive devices.

Who is eligible:

  • Persons 60 years of age or older and living in the community
  • Experience difficulty with at least one activity of daily living
  • Are cognitively intact
  • Are NOT actively receiving treatment for advanced cancer
  • Are NOT on hospice care
  • Are a resident of Cass,Mills or Pottawattamie counties.
  • Other counties will be included as staff is available

CAPABLE can begin after Home Health Services have ended.

Benefits of the CAPABLE program

CAPABLE Improves Outcomes for Patients.In a population of low-incomeolder adult participants, 75%improved their self-care over five months.
The number of self-care tasks that were difficult were halved
Depressive symptoms were decreased
Preliminary results suggest that CAPABLE cuts inpatient costs by 34%

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