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Abuse Prevention

Signs of Abuse

Neglect by the senior or others may be indicated by:

  • significant weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration
  • lack of cleanliness, grooming, personal or medical care
  • lack of environmental needs or unsafe structures
  • advancing memory difficulties
  • withdrawal, depression or isolation

Financial risks may be indicated by:

  • caregiver, family or others relying on elder's finances
  • unpaid bills when finances are sufficient
  • living above or below means
  • unusual spending by elder, caregiver or family members
  • elder has no knowledge of finances

Physical Abuse may be indicated by:

  • unexplained injuries or injuries inconsistent with reasons given
  • confused elder confined to a room or left unsupervised
  • under or over medicated
  • medications used by caregiver as a way to control behavior
  • elder is restrained to a chair
  • bruises of varying age
  • unset, untreated fractures
  • confused elder showing up unescorted at an emergency room.

Sexual Abuse may be indicated by:

  • genital or anal bruises
  • vaginal or anal bleeding
  • welling or redness of genital area
  • venereal disease
  • elder displays uncharacteristic sexual behavior
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