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Grilled Beef and Vegetable Kabobs

Beef Kabobs   

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1# thick cut steak (can also use chicken breast, shrimp etc.)

Various fresh vegetables- around 1 cup each Examples: red and green bell peppers cherry tomatoes mushrooms red onion

½ cup Italian Dressing

6 Metal or bamboo skewers

Grill Instructions:

1. Soak bamboo skewers in water while preparing meat and vegetables.

2. Turn grill on to med-high heat.

3. Cut meat into 1–2-inch cubes, set a side.

5. Have small bowls ready for each vegetable once cut.

4. Clean peppers and cut into 1–2-inch cubes.

5. Slice onion in half and peel off layer and cut into chunks, place

6. Cut mushrooms in half if large size.

7. Slide cut items onto skewers, alternating, ending with a tomato at end of skewer.

8. Place on hot grill and turn a time or two until reaches desired doneness. 10-15 minutes for medium rare steak and perfect vegetables.

Great served with wild rice, green salad and grilled bread

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