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Amish Noodles

Amish Noodles

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12 oz package noodles
1 tsp chicken base or 1 bouillon cube
28 oz chicken stock or broth
2 Tbsp butter 

Salt, pepper, more butter, parsley for garnish

Melt and brown 2 Tbsp butter in a stock pot until you see the brown bits of milk solids form.
Add 1 tsp chicken base or 1 bouillon cube and stir to combine.
Add 28 oz of chicken stock or broth and bring to boil.
Add noodles, replace lid, and bring back to a boil.
Turn off heat, add lid back and remove from heat source.
Let sit 30 minutes.  Can quickly stir a time or two but replace lid quickly.
Check for doneness, if not done to your liking, place back on heat and boil a bit more.
Add extra butter, garnish with salt, pepper, parsley, etc.
Can add vegetables, cheese, any protein or use as a side dish just by themselves.

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