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Honoring Family Caregivers - November 2020

We are hearing from YOU!

People are sharing with us, in 250 words or less, about the awesome caregiver in their lives and how they deal with the joys and stresses of family caregiving.

You can too! - Send your submission to:Jan Schnack, Family Caregiver Specialist

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  • Beth Miller
    Beth Miller

    If it were not for my daughter, Beth Miller, I would not be able to stay in my home. Because of a falling accident almost a year ago, I have been in the hospital numerous times, a rehab stay at Risen Son, and now my home.
    I do not have space to tell all the things she does for me. To begin the day, she gets me out of bed and helps me with cleaning up and all the things that are needed in the bathroom, which are many things I can't do for myself. I use a walker to get to the table for meals after she gets me dressed.
    Beth takes care of ordering the medications from the pharmacy and puts them in my AM and PM containers.
    When going places she helps me in and out of the car and uses a transport chair to get me to my appointments.
    At night she gets me ready for bed and hooks up my overnight catheter bag and my CPAP machine.
    She is kind and loving in spite of all she had to do. She deals with the stress by praying a lot and by going for long walks.
    B. Wendell Miller

  • Laura Shafer
    Laura Shafer

    Our family has been going through a lot of changes recently, as my 82 year old mother in law, Lois, was diagnosed with dementia and I have stepped into a caregiver role. She has been a stronghold in our family and I want to do for her what she has done all along for us — be someone for her to lean on who will always treat her with respect, honesty, and love. I want to see her continue doing all the things she enjoys, like cooking, puzzles, and spending time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren, while in a safe environment.

    I know she will need help, and we are renovating the house to make her more comfortable and have helped her move in. I regularly help her with transportation, going with her to doctor’s appointments, and managing her finances and medicines. I have been educating myself about Alzheimers and am looking for additional resources and a support system moving forward.

    I enjoy listening to and singing worship music, remembering each day is new and a gift from God. Lois and I pray and read scripture together, and that has become a very special and treasured time for the both of us to bond together and grow closer to the Lord. One of her favorite verses is Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

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