Kelly Butts - Executive Director

Sandy Wienhold - Director of Employee Services and Quality Assurance & Northern Region Facilities Manager

Sherri Weinfurtner - Director of Health Living Programs

Vicky Lohry - Assistant Director of Healthy Living Programs

Ronda Engels - Healthy Living Coordinator

Sherrie McDonald - Director of Consumer Services

Ann Wilson - Director of Finance

Julie Utech - Assistant Director of Finance

Linda Krei - Director of Housing

Aubury Krueger - Director of Community Engagement

Chris Kuchta - Regional Marketing & Service Navigator

Lacy Doolittle - Regional Marketing & Service Navigator

Holly Senrick - Caregiver Specialist

Terri Wilson - RSVP Coordinator

Jay Nicholls - Senior Corps Coordinator/Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions

Tasha Jones - Elder Abuse Prevention and Awareness Specialist

You may reach any of our staff by calling 1-800-432-9209